Our Partners

“If we don’t have exactly what the customer wants, we’ll send them where they can get it.”
— Harry Antrim as R.H. Macy

Like the character in Miracle on 34th Street, if we don’t have what you – our customer – need, we’ll help you find it.

We know our strengths and recognize our limitations. Over the years, we have worked with firms that offer services related or complementary to our own, and we believe they are among the best in the business. If your needs are outside of our capabilities, we can sub to one or more of our partner companies or put you in touch with them directly.

Here are some of the firms we have worked with in the past and recommend:

Bixal works with government agencies and organizations to optimize their investments in communications and technology and provide smart, thoughtful, and highly effective solutions that fully support and drive their most critical institutional goals and objectives. Bixal has the expertise and capability to develop and implement technical solutions to support a wide array of online activities, including:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress, Expresion Engine, Ektron.
  • Online Communities
  • eGovernment Solutions
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Data Visualization and Mapping Tools
  • M&E Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
Bixal Website

Edge Research is a full service marketing research company, serving corporations, non-profits, associations, foundations, and government agencies since 1997. The Washington, DC area firm counts as its clients Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs, but also assists small organizations and start-ups with their unique challenges through tactical market research. Most of their clients are either repeat business or referrals. Why? Because they offer partner-level attention on every project, they customize their approach, they meet deadlines, and they strategically focus on the bottom line — connecting the research with their clients ultimate decisions.

Edge Research Website

LC Technologies is passionate about building the world’s best eye tracking hardware and software solutions. Founded in 1986 with the goal of creating an unobtrusive human-computer interface that will revolutionize the way humans interact with computers and devices, they now operate in 44 countries. Their eye-tracking systems are hands-off, unobtrusive, remote human-computer interfaces that provide highly accurate eye movement and gazepoint prediction.

LC Technologies Website

Market Cube is an online sample and research operations company dedicated to helping clients maximize their ROI. They own and operate proprietary panels with over one million respondents worldwide. They also have access to millions more respondents through a large network of panel, publisher, and social media partners.

Market Cube Website